We create relevant, unique audiences
based on factual household characteristics,
behavior and customer/prospect


Identify profiles of your existing and potential customers, and follow media behavior and campaign performance via real-time dashboards.

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Enrich existing customer and prospect databases with EDM's 160 offline features per household, and with online behavior (interest, gender, age) based on actual online behavior.

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Offer every customer a personalized message!

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A multichannel approach to service and platforms for the implementation and management of online advertising campaigns (display, social media, e-mail, and offline media) and cross-media strategy.

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Next Phase for Mark&Mini and EDM Digital Solutions

EDM has agreed to buy all shares from Eelco Boers in Mark&Mini bv. Mark&Mini bv is operating under the tradename of EDM Digital Solutions.

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Knowledge of data.
Sense of marketing.