Campaign management

EDM Digital Solutions offers the possibility to deploy and optimize campaigns multichannel. The unique combination of online and offline data makes it possible to reach similar audiences both online and offline. On your request, we can optimize these campaigns from A to Z. And, if desired, in close cooperating with your existing communication partners.

With our data, specific audiences can be defined based on socio-demographic factors. When we combine this with an existing or custom-made audience, the audience can be deployed for both display, social and e-mail campaigns. Besides that, the unique combination with offline data makes it possible to deploy a direct mail campaign for similar audiences.

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Audience reach

To give campaigns a boost from the start, EDM Digital Solutions has prepared over 130 audiences (with opt-in from users) in various DSP's. Campaigns appear to be 5 times more efficient when using one or more of these audiences for targeting.

In addition, we offer the possibility to compile specific target groups for the purpose of display, e-mail, and/or social campaigns. The audiences are focused on a branch, brand, or other features, and they do not only lead to higher conversion, but also to a better targeted media purchase.

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